Worship, Liturgy & Music Ministries

"Sing to the Lord, Bless His Name!" Psalm 96:2

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Sunday Mass: Celebration of the Eucharist

When the Second Vatican Council spoke about the Mass, it celebrated its importance as “the center of the Christian community,” “the source and summit of the Christian life,” root, source, center and culmination, meal and sacrifice.  The Eucharistic celebration is at the heart of our faith and our life.  At that heart, we meet Jesus Christ, truly present in his Word, in the celebrating community, in the presiding priest, and extraordinarily present in the Eucharistic bread and wine.  This presence radiates into the heart of our life and transfigures it into “eucharist,” that is, thanksgiving and praise of God. 


The people of St. Ann Parish have committed themselves to provide an atmosphere of warmth, welcome, and love in our Sunday worship. If you are a newcomer to the experience of Catholic Mass, or you have been away for awhile, we invite you to "Come & See" what the Lord has to offer!

Quality liturgy does not happen on its own.  Each weekend, over 100 volunteers share their time and talents to help make our worship experience possible.  All are invited serve our community at Mass; training is provided and everything is scheduled in advance.  Contact Katie Johnson unless otherwise noted (kjohnson@stanncc.com; 804-526-2548)

Liturgical Ministries

Altar & Arts—The ministers of Altar & Arts work together to ensure that our worship space is beautiful and prayerful.  Using visual themes for each liturgical season, their efforts help us to experience the liturgy and absorb the meaning of each time of the year into our hearts and minds, and inspire us to carry those themes into our everyday lives.  Those involved use their God-given gifts of creativity and hard work to transform our space and gently surprise us out of our everyday perceptions.  While an artistic eye and creative vision are great, anyone who is willing to help can join Altar & Arts.  Contact Patty Higgins (patricia.hantke@gmail.com; 804-526-9514)


Altar Servers—Children and adults, grade 4 and up, who have received their First Communion are welcome to become altar servers.  Contact C.J. McBrearty (lilthuggr@yahoo.com; 804-677-3521)


Children’s Choir rehearses in the weeks before Christmas, in order to provide musical leadership of the 4:00 Mass on Christmas Eve.  The choir is open to children in grades 1-5.  Contact Chris Lothamer (clothamer@stanncc.com)


Children’s Liturgy of the Word is a program that invites children ages 4 through 2nd grade to leave the parish  assembly during Mass to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word at their developmental level. CLOW is held from October-May at the 8:30 and 11:15 a.m. Masses.

Eucharistic Ministers—Any Catholic who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation is eligible to be a Eucharistic Minister.  This is a prayerful and joyful way to serve the St. Ann community at Mass.  Training is scheduled at a mutually convenient time.  Contact Joe Camacho (camacho.joseph@comcast.net)


Eucharistic Outreach—Eucharistic Outreach Ministers are the presence of Christ and the Church to those who are ill, homebound, or otherwise unable to attend Mass. Ministers visit at times that are mutually convenient, generally every week or two.  Beautiful friendships and deep prayer relationships are often formed, as you meet people where they are in their journey.

Lectors—Proclaim the word in the assembly and help our St. Ann Community worship and grow in faith.  Training is scheduled at a mutually convenient time.  Contact Peggy Camacho (camacho.joseph@comcast.net)


Liturgy Coordinators help to get everything set up before Mass begins.  They ensure that all lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and altar servers are signed in, and, with the Minister of Service and the ushers, that everything is set up for communion.


Ministers of Service help to set the altar at the preparation and assist the priest and Eucharistic Ministers at communion.


Music Ministry—The St. Ann Choir, a congenial mixture of people ranging in age from middle schoolers through senior citizens, requires the ability to sing or to play an instrument moderately well. Auditions are never required, but enthusiasm is! The choir leads the parish in singing hymns and service music during Mass and performs choir pieces for the different liturgical seasons. Some choir members are encouraged to train as cantors or as soloists. New members, both singers and instrumentalists, are warmly welcome to join this ministry at any time.  Rehearsals are at 7:30 on Wednesday evenings. Contact Chris Lothamer (clothamer@stanncc.com) or just stop by to chat after Mass.


Ushers assist during Mass in some simple, but vital, ways.  They find a family or group to bring up the gifts, take up the collection, and distribute the bulletins after Mass.  They help when an emergency arises during Mass and keep an eye on the safety and security of all in attendance.


Youth Choir provides music ministry for the Youth Masses once each month.  Instrumentalists of all kinds and singers are welcome!  Contact Chris Lothamer (clothamer@stanncc.com)