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Children's Playgroup

Children's Playgroup News:

The Children's playgroup is a group of parents or caregivers and their children who gather together twice a month for fellowship.  Although most of the children are of preschool age all are welcome.


Each month starting in September and running thru May we meet two times a month.  One of the days the group meets at the church and a Virtus-trained individual cares for the children while the parents or caregivers enjoy fellowship or a planned activity.  The other day the group goes to an off-site location such as the zoo or to a local park.  


There are two planned parties a year.  For Easter, we partner with the Daughters of Mary from St. Ann's and throw a beautiful party for the group.  The Daughters of Mary treat the kids to a wonderful time, complete with an Egg hunt, goodie bag and yummy treats.  While the members of our group read stories and provide a craft for the little ones to celebrate the holiday.  At Christmas time the playgroup throws a fun party for the kids.  The group celebrates with crafts, snacks, stories and plenty of socializing.  


If you are interested in joining us for one or all of our activities please contact Linda Biles at 804-768-2268 or  Please also check the St.Ann's Facebook page and/or in the bulletin for any updates. 

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