Holy Spirit Resources

Pope Francis:  "We must pray every day:  Holy Spirit, make my heart open to the word of God. 
Make my heart open to goodness.  Make my heart open to the beauty of God every day."
     Awaken The Spirit Within!
During May, we will meditate on the Holy Spirit
who dwells in each of us.  
     * Use the Prayer Guide for a daily reflection
     * Pray the Novena May 22 to May 30th
     * Watch the videos with your virtual friends
     * Check the bulletin for weekly Spirit events

The Wild Goose Video Series 

   "The Wild Goose" is a series of 14 dynamic videos about the Holy Spirit in our lives. "Wild Goose" is an ancient Celtic nickname for the Holy Spirit. Links and descriptions for each of the videos are below.  Watch in any order throughout May (about 25 min. each) Click buttons for study guide & listing.
#1 God's Love Poured
Nothing you can do
will make God 
love you any less 
#2 The Breath of God
How the Holy Spirit changed the Apostles and can change our lives
#3 Baptism in the Spirit
"Baptism in the Spirit" as experienced in scripture and by Catholics today
#4 The Spirit & Mary
How Mary's Immaculate Conception & Annunciation
inspire our lives.
#7 The Spirit of Adoption
The Spirit shows us how
to be the devoted children
of a Loving Father God
#10 Spirit & the Desert
A spiritual desert can be a powerful encounter with Jesus & the Holy Spirit
#13 Spirit Gives Witness
A Spirit can moves us toward a life-changing
experience of Christ
#5 Gifts of the Spirit
The Spirit's gifts
that are available
to all who seek them
#8 Spirit & Sacraments
Baptism is the Gateway
to the Spirit. The Spirit in
Confirmation & Marriage
#11 The Spirit Convicts
The Spirit convicts us of our sins, not to condemn,
but to convert & heal us.
#14 Spirit Remembers
When distracted with daily life, the Spirit reminds us that God has no limits.
#6 Spirit & Eucharist
The Mass is saturated
with the presence of
the Holy Spirit
#9 Fruits of the Spirit
When we live in the Spirit, our lives produce fruit for
ourselves & others.
#12 The Spirit's Freedom
The Spirit can bring us freedom from fear, anger and our past.